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Brother’s Keeper International, Inc. was formed to address pressing spiritual, social and economic needs that now characterize much of Jamaican life, to bring about reconciliation among its citizens, alienated in an atmosphere of political tribalism, social dysfunction and violence.

Brother’s Keeper International was conceived in the heart and mind of Michelle Bowen. As a Jamaican child, her father was murdered during a period of overwhelming politically motivated violence.

Michelle Bowen


Ian Edwards

Board of Directors

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Board of Director

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Board of Director

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.

Jamaica’s children are receptive and hungry for change. We believe that an infusion of positive, community building messages, undergirded by the gospel of peace, is the key to transforming the thinking which currently rules our divided communities.

Many children are unable to go to school for lack of basic necessities, or inability of their parents to pay tuition, which is now required for high school. BKI has set aside a scholarship fund for children who need assistance in this area. High school students who receive BKI assistance are required to volunteer in a community service project as a condition of receiving aid.

We donate equipment and supplies to hospitals and clinics and support medical missions trips. Our primary goal is to support the existing health care infrastructure which includes hospitals and community clinics, with a mind towards increasing access to health care for lower income citizens.

Children, being innocent and impressionable, are most suited to become both the heralds and personification of this change. Our goal is to nurture, care for, encourage and prepare our children to become the leaders and change agents in Jamaican culture. The time is now.