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In the follow-up of the electrophysiological diagnosis and treatment of channelopathies, the non-inducibility test in infants is useful for presurgical risk evaluation, the indication for surgery and the outcome, as well as for prognostic assessment. Our aim was to analyse retrospectively the frequency of complications of the temporary epicardial pace-maker implantation in infants and children (no more than 15 kg) and to evaluate the rate of success. Retrospective analysis of the results of pacemaker placement in 12 children and infants, between 2004 and 2010. A temporary pace-maker was implanted in 2 paediatric patients, mean age of 3 and 2 years, respectively, and the following complications were observed: displaced electrodes, hyalinisation and ossification in one patient; syncope in 3 patients; lead dislocation, pneumothorax and temporary oesophageal obstruction in one patient each. Good haemodynamic stability and a positive non-inducibility test were recorded for all implanted patients. The temporary pace-maker is a well-tolerated diagnostic and therapeutic