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Just a guess.
You probably changed the directory in the file list, either from the previous iteration or from the one you opened the previous iteration with. That is, it had been opened with./final.html and you opened it now with a different version of your text editor. Try opening the file with the same version you edited it with and see if it works?
If that’s the case, then rename the final.html file to something else, then use the “edit” command from the folder it is in.

Also, rename this file if it exists:
Copy this script (rename it to another name)
move the renamed file to final.html
Edit the file and add the text that you want to be in final.html, then save

If you get the same thing, rename back to final.html

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We went to bed last night feeling as if we did not have enough time on our hands. After the long drive from Oklahoma City, we were certain that the heat would follow us.

This morning, when I got out of bed, I looked out the window at the palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze and knew that it was a sign that this heat would not last much longer. We went for a long walk and I even saw a few butterflies, while Bob got some work done in his writing class.

This week the MSU/OU football game was added to the schedule and I made the first friendly bet of this new phase. This has turned into a challenge, as Bob would rather watch a movie than play a football game. I thought that was a good sign.

One of the less pleasant moments of the week was when we took the boys to the grocery store, where one of the stock boys tried to sell us a frozen hot