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Inferno Torrent Download

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Finally, the wait for Inferno has come to an end. Fans of Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons will be happy that the author’s next book has a creative nugget he coined the term “Inferno” to describe.

And if you’re a completist, you’ll enjoy having the nomenclature explained.

In a statement released earlier this year, Brown said, “I had a word that I thought would make sense to me and I put it in the book, and now everyone else is able to use it.”

It’s hard to argue with the success of his previous novel, The Lost Symbol. But the author of The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons is a bit of an enigma. Many critics say his books speak to issues of spirituality while others draw parallels between the books and conspiracies. Brown is forthright about the parallel, often comparing Inferno to the time when Dante Alighieri wrote his Divine Comedy.

The Aeneid is a Latin poem that details the coming of the Roman Empire to the shores of present day Italy. It was written between 37 and 19 BCE by the Roman poet Virgil and tells the story of Aeneas’s descent into Italy, a tale that formed the foundation for several of the Roman Empire’s other important texts.

Approximately 13 centuries later, Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy is a poem in Italian which tell of a journey through the nine levels of hell, purgatory and heaven. The work follows the journey of Dante and nine fictional characters including Beatrice, who had previously died of an illness.

The idea of “hell” is a byword for the dark side of nature, and Dante represents it in this poem. God in Dante’s poem is the king of the heavens, who guides Dante through this journey. In Brown’s Inferno, God is represented by Giuseppe Dante Alessio Scaglione, known as Joseph by friends and family.

Portrayed as a well meaning Italian who is brought in to solve a series of

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