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How to make a cake from a an existing cake mix and use it to make a two separate cakes

Our family eats really unhealthy things (a lot of pizzas and pasta) and we have just recently started to use egg beaters. It seems to me that the way we use egg beaters makes us want more rich, sweet foods.
I have two cakes. One is already in the oven, and the other I am going to bake tonight. I’d like to use the first cake to make the second. Is that possible, and can I bake both of these cakes at the same time?
I have tried to make this, but I have not been successful. What’s the best way to make the second cake after the first cake has cooled, and can I bake both of them at the same time?


Once the cake has cooled completely, wrap it in a container or bundt pan (or something else that allows you to remove it from the pan to assemble the two cakes). Make the second cake as normal, but when you’re ready to assemble the two cakes, remove the bundt pan or something else that you used to “enclosure” the cooled cake, and slide the two cakes together to create a single “sandwich” of cake.

When I was a child I had a friend who used to watch the show Gilligan’s Island and would send me off every summer to what he believed to be a tropical paradise. He would watch me happily play on the beach with my friends and we would laugh and eat and have a great time. He would send me on my way and I would return home to Mum in England. I had no idea this was a complete fabrication. Even now I am not quite sure how he managed to convince me that I was visiting a real island but I have never been near a beach in my life. I was driven around in a golf buggy and the only drinks I was allowed to drink were lemonade and iced water. I remember that Gilligan’s Island was played on a television set and that we had to see the film at least twice. I do have a vague recollection that there was a film or perhaps two television shows playing at the same time. I remember the Gilligan’s episode, castaways stranded on a desert island and being a fan of their attempts to find a way home. It is also likely that I remember

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