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Name Elden Ring
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It was in the year 12,121 when light and darkness began to converge.
The reason was a legend of magic.
A ring of unknown power was forged from the blood of the elden king and brought forth by the light of the moon.
The previously unimaginable power was sealed within the ring, and the sounds of a mighty battle echoed.
Till today, the power of the Elden Ring has remained undiscovered.
With the awakening of the Elden Power, the world has entered an age of chaos.
The time has come to uncover the ring’s power.


This game is free to play, and features some game contents that can be purchased.
These items can be bought with real money, for details, please refer to the in-game shop system.
The game may offer optional items/services that can be purchased.
In-game purchases can and will be used to unlock in-game content, as well as provide other benefits to you and other users of WorldOfLegend.
You will know about the existence of this in-game shop system when you see “Shop” in the bottom right-hand corner of the game screen.
If you cannot find the “Shop” in the bottom right-hand corner of the game screen, please turn off your mobile device from the “setting” menu before playing the game.


Gathering Power:
Collect resources to increase your respective avatar’s power.
More powerful avatars will obtain more resources for collecting.
There are 9 kinds of resources that the avatar can collect.
Collecting the resources can be done as many times as you want per day.
Collecting the resources to increase your avatar’s power, and collecting the resources to buy skills and gear, can be done in the same day.
* The powers that increase the avatar’s strength when collecting or buying skills and gear are as follows.
(Basic Skill) + Basic Skill
Basic Skill + Body Skill
Basic Skill + Nature Skill
Basic Skill + Magic Skill
Basic Skill + Survival Skill
Basic Skill + Skill
Basic Skill + Awakening Skill
Basic Skill + Daily Skill
Basic Skill + Item Skill
As a result, when collecting or buying skills and equipment, you will sometimes obtain experience points and treasures.

* You may freely sell all the collected resources. You can even sell all the collected resources in one time, if you


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Fantasy Action RPG
    Battle all sorts of powerful foes in a vast world filled with exciting adventure. Action elements such as evasion, evasion, evasion!
  • Create Your Own Character and Enter a Multilayered Story
    Play as any kind of character you want, and as a result, also have any kind of story you want to tell with no restrictions.
    Create a multilayered drama using fragments by multiple different systems.
  • Immersive Art, Experiences and Atmosphere
    Elden Ring will allow for a high degree of immersion with a beautiful fantasy art design and an immersive experience that lets you play in a relaxing setting without any stress.
  • Elden Ring

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