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6. Adobe Illustrator Illustrator is a vector graphics program from Adobe that is perfect for creating logos, illustrations, and other designs. It supports both 2D and 3D design. It enables vector graphics editing, patterns, and gradients. The newest release features improved 2D drawing tools, as well as smart guides, drawing controls, rich text and math functionality. Adobe Illustrator does not have a raster graphics engine, but it can import and export raster graphics. Adobe Illustrator has a five-year subscription option, but if you sign up before April 25, 2018 you can get an upgrade to CS6. 5. Adobe After Effects Adobe After Effects is a program that’s used to create motion graphics. It is used by film producers to put together video clips. It enables users to create engaging videos with characters, titles, objects, and effects, using a timeline. Users can also enhance their videos with transitions, overlays, and audio. The most recent version of After Effects adds support for 3D content such as 3D elements, effects, and 3D transitions, as well as features for 3D stereoscopic imagery such as 3D video tools, 3D particle systems, 3D video masks, and more. At the time of this writing, no free tools are available to help the beginning user. 4. Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Premiere Pro has been the program of choice for professional video producers for years because it has advanced features and support. However, Adobe also makes a free program called Adobe Premiere Elements that can do most of the editing tasks that Premiere can. It makes it easy to edit straight from the web with amazing features like mobile editing and web page editing tools that let you customize a mobile website or social media page and turn it into a YouTube channel. Adobe Premiere Pro has a subscription option that lets you access many of the extra features. The cheapest option is Premiere Pro CS6, which is the latest version. After that, you can upgrade to Premiere Pro CS6 (mainstream) for $399 annually. 3. Dreamweaver Dreamweaver is a web design program from Adobe that is widely used and important for beginning web developers. It allows you to build websites easily using a point-and-click interface that helps you build websites with text, graphics, and even video, and add other web-

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Key features: More simplicity and efficiency The user-interface is easy to use even for beginners and it works flawlessly regardless of the size of the images. Awesome thumbnail previews and an automatic cropping feature makes it a very helpful tool. Extra features: Crop, resize, rotate and color adjustments Adjustments for exposure, contrast, brightness and shadows Effects like Vignettes, Grain and 3D Layers for real-time effects 48 editable filters, including a set of effects for a special effect Exclusive filter set for a wide range of special effects Paint-brush tool for photo retouching Miniature Picture Size: and its extension, Color Sketch Track objects using a grid Smart selection, Quick Selection, Magic Wand and Lasso tools Raster Image Warp and Raster Image Rotation Graphical previews of effects Brushes for arts and brushes for fine art. Unlike other image editors it supports layers and the ability to duplicate, move and delete them. Paint-tools for image retouching Advanced Photo editor with many advanced features Create and edit your own effects for online use or print Create custom actions and batch processing Professional tools for web designers Brush for gradient painting Resize and crop tools Hue and Saturation tools Colorspaces Conversion Clone images Paint tools for cutting out elements of the image Lines and Path tools Capture highlights, shadows and highlights with a few clicks Every photo can be colored and enriched with more than 200 color palettes Import and export from over 100 file formats Mosaic tools for adding artistic elements to a photo Masks for correcting the image Undo and Redo Create and edit effects on your images Undo and redo tools Change tools to change the way an image is viewed Photoshop is a well-known software system for designing, modifying, and editing image files. The program has progressed so that now anyone can edit photos and make sure the final image always looks good. It is a powerful tool for every photographer. Check out the video below for a complete rundown of Photoshop’s features: Upgrade to Adobe Photoshop Having the recommended version of Photoshop is highly recommended if 388ed7b0c7

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* **Brush** : Click the Brush tool to draw pixels directly onto your document. There are 16 different brush styles, including Brush, Eraser, and Paint bucket. You can also use a number of Brush presets for specific purposes like painting and retouching. * **Brush Tool Options** : You can configure brush size and opacity. You can also make the Brush tool do certain jobs. One of the most common is that you can paint with a mouse cursor, so you can select an area and your cursor will change to a paint bucket. * **Eraser Tool** : Click the Eraser tool to erase the pixels you just selected. You can click the Eraser to erase an area or click and drag to erase pixels. * **Brush Presets** : Click the Brush tool to access a bank of eight preset brushes for specific purposes. You can see the current brush in Use tool, but you can change to another brush just by clicking on the preview image of the current brush. * **Eraser Tool Options** : You can use the Eraser tool to select either the whole document or the pixels you can erase. You can also make the Eraser tool do certain jobs. One of the most common is that you can click with your mouse while holding down the Shift key to select pixels in the background. You can also make the Eraser tool delete the pixels you just selected.

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To run this mod you will need a copy of the main game ‘Fallout 3’ (OR ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ if you prefer that setting.) You will also need the ‘Save Game Manager’ from the main game (OR ‘FNM and FNW’ from ‘Fallout New Vegas’ for that setting) You will need a copy of the mod you want to run on the ‘Fallout 3’ main game (OR ‘FNM and FNW’ from ‘Fallout New Vegas’ if you prefer that setting.)You will