Fifa 22


The algorithm detects each player’s position, size, mass and acceleration, as well as creating a depth map of the entire playing field. It then uses this to dynamically update the game physics, regardless of any controller changes.

The result is a completely new feel to FIFA, delivering a more natural experience on consoles and on PC. The new vision of gameplay improves the control of the ball, the ball control in tight spaces, anticipation and the ability to influence the game with your creativity.

Beyond just creating a new gameplay experience, this technology is also far more powerful than it appears on the surface. Using the algorithm, the football match, the entire game experience, is moved into an entirely new venue.

With the HyperMotion Technology being able to detect each player’s position, mass and acceleration, the algorithm can accurately predict the players’ movement for both passive and active players. The accuracy and speed of its control of the game’s physics are vastly improved, delivering a level of control that has never been possible before.

This also makes the on-field action more realistic, allowing players to use their unique characteristics to their advantage, including greater control of the ball, with more precise and accurate passes. Players are also able to influence the game with more creativity and flexibility.

Also, the algorithm offers developers more creative freedom, allowing them to respond to the gameplay at a moment’s notice. Using data from full-blown professional game engines – such as Unreal Engine – a technology that has never been used before, real-life football matches can be analysed and used to maximise the sense of realism.

For example, before the match, the algorithm can analyse the track of every single pass within the five-a-side match. This allowed the algorithm to calculate the trajectory of the ball and predict the future position of the ball for each player, as well as the trajectory of the ball and position of every player.

This allows a truly realistic simulation of the game, as the algorithm can calculate that the pass will land perfectly in a specific player’s pass zone, for example. The algorithm can also make intelligent decisions to make the most of a situation. The resulting in-game action will be authentic, highly reactive and more spontaneous.

As the real players are using their actual attributes, the algorithm will be able to use this data to make game decisions. Data from players’ skills and unique attributes – such as headers, shooting


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • The best ball-control system to date
  • The most authentic team coverage of any football experience ever
  • Intuitive new controls, stronger dribbling and more techniques than ever before
  • Pro Player Conditioning powered by a 3D Engine
  • Highly tuned ball physics, delivering the most immersive experience in football gaming
  • Perform iconic dribbles, spins, and tricks with increased speeds and power,
  • New heading controls allowing intuitive passing and shooting,
  • All-new Teammate Behaviour lets teammates battle for the ball with AI teammates – making offensive and defensive gameplay more tactical than ever
  • Completely revamped Player Trajectory lets you conduct advanced take-ons and build a pro career passing players into world class stars.
  • Physically-based Ball Physics allows pro players to produce the most realistic dribbling and passing in the history of football game.


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This year’s game features the most comprehensive set of tools players have ever had at their disposal. We’ve improved player moves, created a new Player Creator tool that lets you build the entire playing profile of your player, and overhauled passing so that all the nuances of real-world soccer are back in the game.

Play any One-on-One match as one of more than 500 teams across more than 30 leagues.

Play any FreeKick challenge, Breakthrough and Pro-Am game modes.

Play in 1-vs.-1 Tournament, Career and Co-op Mode.

Dedicated Online Season will let you re-live any single match in game, view footage of any player and even play online matches against former teammates.

A new story-driven mode lets you immerse yourself in the game’s alternate-history backdrop, while Ultimate Team challenges you to build the ultimate squad.

The Community Kick-Off event is a new online tournament that brings FIFA’s most famous players together for four-and-a-half hours, to play a FIFA 21 exhibition match in Wembley Stadium.

Bring the whole world together with over 190 leagues, competitions and clubs.

Play online and offline with up to 27 teammates in one game.

Set up to ten FUT Clubs and fully customize your team with over 3,000 customizable players.

Build the best squad for your favorite game and compete in the FIFA eSeries.

Play as any team in FIFA Ultimate Team, and compare your stats to real-world players and teams.

Play FIFA Ultimate Team with any Xbox One, Xbox One X or PlayStation® 4 gamer by unlocking content within FIFA Ultimate Team modes through Season Ticket.

Play matches against your friends in FIFA Online 2.

Choose from 16 teams across 8 leagues, and play exhibition matches against them.

One-on-One Vignettes let you experience more of the traits and moments that create the real-life experience in FIFA.

The One-on-One Vignette Series delivers a fresh new experience with more than 5 hours of playtime per vignette.

One-on-One Kick-Off, a new brand-new mode, allows you to take on any friend by competing in Quick Match for a single 4-a-side game, a FIFA 21 exhibition match at Wembley Stadium, or a full match against any opponent of your choosing.

Control over the entire game


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Whether you prefer to turn heads on the pitch or add a little bit of flair to your gameplay with personalised flair, there is no end to what you can achieve through FIFA Ultimate Team. Build and level up the ultimate collection of players, earning skill points for every game you play and celebrating your success with more than 1,000 official team emojis including animated celebrations, vintage match graphics and full motion video.

Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.

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What’s new:

  • New depth, intensity, and power to the ball: FIFA 21 gave players a glimpse of the things to come. FIFA 22 continues to improve the tools for player growth, progression, and stories.
  • FIFA 22 introduces the ability to play in all weather conditions and includes indigenous players for 17 new nations.
  • FIFA 22 opens the game up even more to Real Player Motion Technology with a new, deeper, and more robust animation engine.
  • FIFA 22 also introduces Natural Intelligence technology that captures all the nuance of real life footballers. This includes motion capture data collected in a real life simulation, including 11,000 hours of detailed player and goalie footage captured over three years for use in EA Sports FIFA 21, FIFA 19, and Madden NFL 20.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team introduced a reworking of its Global Star Ratings that delivers far more realistic and balanced player behaviors.
  • The All Ball, One Player mode is now a make or break mode. It will be your only shot at creating a great All Ball run.
  • Authentic Player Ratings now incorporate how a player has performed recently in club football matches. It considers what type of play he has performed, his contribution to each match, number of minutes played and for how long.”
  • Individual player hitboxes have been re-aligned according to player rankings.
  • New licensing for the UEFA Champions League and European Championships.
  • While FIFA Ultimate Team does remain the only way to dive into gameplay Customisation will now open up when clubs have minimum squad sizes, including many Premier League clubs.
  • New user interface


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EA SPORTS FIFA (subtitle in English) is a simulation football video game franchise, developed by EA Canada. Every FIFA title is based on the core gameplay and ruleset of its corresponding association football (or soccer for Americans) league; FIFA’s European Union version has evolved to a separate franchise, FIFA 15. The franchise is the best-selling video game franchise of all time, and the most successful sports video game franchise of all time; as of 2018, the FIFA series is the best-selling sports video game franchise of all time. Since the release of FIFA 16 in September 2015, more than 25 million FIFA players have purchased the game and earned more than half a billion hours of game time.

FIFA Football was created in the late 1980s, and was originally developed by Criterion Software. In 1991, the title was licensed to EA Canada, which continued to develop and publish the franchise. The first console version of FIFA was released in September 1992. The game was the first football simulation title to be released for video consoles. While its basic gameplay remains unchanged, the FIFA series has undergone frequent revisions and updates to the gameplay, graphics, and the goalkeeping interface, so that the gameplay matches the interface more closely to actual football. Most features, including the “Man to Man” player positioning and the viewing angle, were not possible on computers at the time the game was created.


FIFA has gameplay elements similar to those of other sports video games. Instead of using virtual versions of players, players are represented by a “player” object that resembles the player in appearance, name, and statistics. The objective of the game is to score goals by hitting the ball through the opposition’s goal. Players attempt to dribble the ball past defenders and into the goal. In order to score, the attacker’s foot must first touch the ball. Once a goal is scored, the opposing team loses possession of the ball. In most modes, the player aims and kicks the ball with their foot. In the “Team Management” mode, players can select passes and shots from an array of attack, defense, and goalkeeper options.

Attacking moves

In addition to its core gameplay modes, the FIFA series contains several variants on the basic gameplay modes. The “Open Play” mode incorporates a set of rules intended to simulate the game between two equal teams, allowing each to spend most of its time in possession of the ball. The “Be a Pro” mode allows users to develop a player profile in


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP (32-bit)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9
DirectX 9 Sound Card: Microsoft® DirectX Sound™ Audio Capture Device
DirectX Sound™ Audio Capture Device Hard Drive Space: 6 GB
6 GB Hard Drive Space: 6 GB
OS: Windows Vista (32-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 10