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From the heart of the First Age and the beginning of Elder Tale, a brand-new fantasy RPG, Elden Ring. Rise as a character you control and fight your way through the Lands Between.

• Introduce a World of Fantasy with Beautiful Graphics
The world of the Elden Ring is a world of fantasy and charm through a variety of media. The graphics are vivid and the sound is rich.

• The Artistic Fantasy in the Lands Between
A rich fantasy world can be seen through the many different types of battles, containing actions such as combat, vocation, and diplomacy.

• Search for the Elder God Crushing Void
In the story of the Lands Between, you will be able to find hints and clues about the Elder God Crushing Void.

!Please note that this is a ROM, it’s not a game or DS game. Don’t re-upload anywhere else!

This is a ROM that doesn’t have any permission of usage from myself. I put it here just because I want to share with everyone. Enjoy{
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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Deep and Beautiful Graphics
  • Three highly detailed 3D battle scenes
  • Playable Elden Lords with unique gameplay, PvE dungeons, and online
  • The first fantasy RPG that supports 4G (Battlefield 3/4) on mobile devices
  • The first RPG with convenient payment methods
  • Lots of voice lines and sound effects
  • A Brand New Experience

    A legendary RPG, enjoy the mysterious and dark fantasy style of great fiction and adventure on your mobile devices.

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    Greetings Normals,This is my casual game story.

    Herobrine a.k.a “Herobrine” comes back to ruins made by Lord Bieber and kills many of the Zombies.
    From that point on, many zombies continue to go to the ruins wanting Lord Bieber to come back.
    But, the zombies have appointed as the king of the story and plot.

    The protagonist, a zombie hunter adventurer obsessed with the “Herobrine” (a.k.a Herobrine), is ordered to explore the location where Bieber left him.
    Nothing happens when he is near “Herobrine”, the protagonist eagerly faces “Herobrine” to slay him.

    2nd Action Casual Story
    As you can see, it’s not a story for high-temperature games! Hahahaha!

    Planing PvP Content in the slightest The PerceptionAcquisition effortTime:11h 3m (5h3m in Bionic)

    [b]Still not done….(Assigment needed)
    Cause or is it because it’s a zombie story. It


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    The sweet balance

    • Graphics:
    Though it might be considered a low-resolution game on the PC, it has a lovely vivid in-game effect.
    • Feel:
    First, the game is an MMO RPG with a controller, but you can play from the ground up with a game pad, and it does not cause the game to be uncomfortable, as the battle system is fluid and responsive.
    • Sound:
    The music and voice play are satisfying, so I was also able to thoroughly enjoy the game.
    • Features:
    Because it is an MMO RPG, there are various features that you can expect. The majority of the new features are smoothly introduced in the tutorial.
    • What is not
    It might look a bit lackluster compared to the quality of other action RPGs, but it has a touch of charming innocence and provides an enjoyable gameplay experience.

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    This application isn’t available in your region yet. If you would like to change your localisation, please visit the language preferences section on support.nintendo.com.
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    Hi everyone, this is ELDEN RING producer Masao Nishimura,

    the head of the development team at DeNA for ELDEN RING.

    I feel that it’s time to respond to some of the many inquiries regarding the update to the game, so I’m going to write this message here.

    1. In order to increase the number of players, we’re going to extend the season period.

    In the next maintenance, we will implement the version 1.02, that includes a number of measures to deal with the issue of player growth.

    2. In order to strengthen the game experience and address the issue of low number of players, we’re planning to integrate more new features in the future.

    3. We are looking to collect your opinions about the game and plan to respond appropriately.

    Thank you for your understanding and kindly continue to enjoy our game.

    Thank you.


    1. Player Growth

    2. Surprise Challenge: Battle the Minotaur

    3. Invasion of Dungeon

    4. Items: Level-Up Points [NEW]

    5. Item: Skill Level-Up Points [NEW]

    1. Player Growth

    In the previous version, the maximum level was set to 20. From now on, you can increase the maximum level to 30.

    2. Surprise Challenge: Battle the Minotaur

    We will be implementing the Battle challenge system in V1.02.

    You will be able to face the challenge of fighting the Minotaur, a vicious and powerful monster, when you’re in a dungeon.

    Please note that you will not be able to enter the challenge when you’re in the Adventure story.

    3. Invasion of Dungeon

    There will be situations where you might find yourself in a dungeon.

    You can save your game and return to the last saved location if you’re in a dungeon.

    4. Items: Level-Up Points [NEW]

    There will be a period of time from 1:00 a.m. on each day to 3:00 a.m. that counts as time per day.

    If you


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    I hate the world of “barbarian” characters. So I want to make a world where there are a variety of ways to have real humans in the world. I hope to create a game where you can adopt various styles of play, including the art of drawing in technical aspects like battle techniques, strengthening your body, or developing your aura.

    I’d like to make a game where there are a variety of buildings to connect with others. If we could make it so the virtual space of the game world is able to be split using a VR function – it would make a world where you’d be able to reach allies even when separated. It doesn’t have to be an extension of VR support. If there are people that have a disability and want to play with a character, the characters that are included in the game should have the minimum amount of burden and should be playable even for parents that use a wheelchair or can only use a walker.

    [from the game planner]
    It’s a “between a ball and a wall” design. You move around by holding down the right analogue stick and swinging the left; when you swing, you make contact with the ground and acquire momentum. You have the “beat” of the ball that you swing, and can pounce on the ball at the last moment. You can attack the ball by stepping forward with the left analogue stick or by swinging the movement controller to “fly.” The movement controller and analogue stick are separate, so you can freely adapt to whatever your player play style may be.

    [from the game planner]
    The attack becomes gradually more painful as the character loses HP.

    [from the


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Mac OS 10.6 or later
    Compatible with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later
    1 GB RAM
    3 GB available hard drive space
    1024 x 768 or higher resolution display
    Designed specifically for tablets and netbooks
    Mac OS X 10.6 or later



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