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| — | — ## Lightroom Lightroom is a digital photo workflow program that works on the computer, providing some enhancements on the fly and some with the aid of plug-ins. It is closely associated with Photoshop but is not a direct competitor. While one might expect that Lightroom might incorporate Photoshop’s features, it does not. Instead, it focuses on how you want to process and collect your photos. But for the most part, it works well in tandem with Photoshop.

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Getting started with Photoshop Elements This tutorial will show you how to get started with Photoshop Elements and edit images in the program. First, you need to have this version of the program downloaded onto your computer. You can download Adobe Photoshop Elements 2017 for Windows or macOS. The key features of Photoshop Elements are all listed here. RAW conversion: Paintbrush tool: Tonemapping: Filter and adjustment: Filters, effects, layers: Brush tools: The next section will show you how to import, edit, save and export images using Photoshop Elements. Importing and editing images There are two ways of starting to edit images in Photoshop Elements: you can either open an image or a folder of images. A folder is a collection of different files. For example, if you have a folder with many different photos, then you can open it using the Import menu and select Import Photos. You can also choose to import a folder, or select a folder on your computer, from the File menu. This is a great way to import all your photos at once. Click the OK button to import the folder. You can then move, copy and delete all the images. To close the image: Click the X in the top right corner. To open images in Photoshop Elements: Select the image or a group of images. You can do this using the Navigation bar, which is shown below: Next, you have the option to open the images or edit them. To edit images: You can edit the image by selecting an adjustment option, selecting a filter and then applying it to your image. There are four options to edit images in Photoshop Elements: The first option is to adjust the image. This allows you to adjust the image using the Adjustments panel. To use this, select the Adjustment tab at the top, or the button on the right. Another way to edit the image is to use one of the filters that are available, including Luminance, Gradient, Satin and Grainy. To add the filter, click on the Filter button. To apply a filter to your image, drag the slider to the right, or click and hold the filter icon in the top right corner. For more information on filters, click the Filter tab at the top. You can also use the Adjust 05a79cecff

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