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Dr. Fone (Android)
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i installed Dr. Fone for my kids. And after using it for a couple of weeks, I am also a happy user of Dr. Fone. Now I am not at all less interested in the present state of the world and internet.
Dr. Fone became my favourite android application in the last two months.
As compared to other tools available in the market, Dr. Fone is very simple and user-friendly.
Whenever I have a need for playing music, browsing the internet or watch movies, the app will always be there for me.
To start and close the app, it is as simple as a mother cat. It is my must-have app.
Mentalist – TV4 Online Watch Series.tv
Just when you thought you finally have an app on your phone that can replace your youTube, listen to music or watch movies, you discover that it doesn’t work.
In the case of Dr. Fone, the app launches perfectly.
When I ask it to play a song or a video, it runs and plays without a hitch.
I am happy to say that Dr. Fone is my favourite application in the market.
It is not yet fully optimised, but it is not supposed to be. As it is still in beta stage, so there is every possibility that I might find some glitches in the app.
I am sure those will be addressed soon, as the developers had clearly stated that the app is still in beta.
There are over 100 other applications on Google Play Store. But when I start searching in the Android Market, I immediately find Dr. Fone.
I can’t find any other app which is as efficient as Dr. Fone in the market.
Even, the people who are designing the Dr. Fone can’t seem to find a more convenient way to share useful apps.
One of the nice features of Dr. Fone that I didn’t miss is that it stays with me even after I uninstall the application.
You can always pull up the app to listen to the music, watch the movie or play the game you had installed on your phone.
The app is free and its interface is very intuitive.
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development tools

They have a unique way of doing things called an ISAC, which stands for In-Channel Analog-to-Digital Convertor. Like I said, I didnt ask to but still,
about 3 days ago it wont play any videos on any browser. And yesterday I was having an issue on my PC that wouldn’t allow me to turn it on,
how to make a push to talk app for android · Google Docs is a very nifty, free service that lets you do a lot of things such as make presentations, present wireframes, and much more..Image copyright PA

What are the cash-rich Chinese buying in Britain?

Foreigners have splashed out £1.8bn on homes in the UK in 2014, a rise of 17% from the year before, according to the latest estate agent data.

The average price paid for a home in the UK was £220,000 – up from £200,000 in 2013.

But there was little change in the number of homes sold in the UK, with nearly 70,000 homes changing hands in 2014.

In London, average property prices are almost back to the 2011 peak.

In the wider country, average property prices are up 11.8% on last year, as buyers “tend to be older and wealthier” than buyers in 2013.

Buyers from China, the world’s second-biggest economy and the biggest trading partner of the UK, increased their spending in 2014, according to the latest figures from the Property Council.

But the £1.8bn spent by buyers from China, which has more than 500 million people, is dwarfed by the £8.6bn spent by non-Chinese buyers in the UK.

The United States is the second biggest buyer of UK properties – it spent £6.6bn in 2014.

While buying by nationals of China, the US and Russia were the fastest-growing foreign buyer markets, purchase of UK homes by other nationalities has fallen in recent years, reflecting “the UK’s lower tax and other charges on non-EU buyers and retirees”, according to the Property Council.

“We need some of the higher-income earners in the UK to look more like the rest of the world – if we are to avoid a brain drain or a tax windfall of the sort we have witnessed in the US”, said report author, the property body’s chief executive, Martin Block.

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CSS, and HTML5: Upcoming Features · CSS, and HTML5: Upcoming Features ·
Google Play Store gets a new home page design · Google Play Store home page design goes almost glitch-free · Google Play Store home page design goes almost glitch-free · 3 ways to download a.txt file of a page in Chrome · 4 ways to download a.txt file of a page in Chrome · 10 ways to download a.txt file of a page in Chrome
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Elasticsearch scroll id when searching for new items

We have the following problem: the use of scroll_id (or similar setting) in the mappings to make old searches scroll down to the latest item is limited in elasticsearch. Is there a way to have the scroll id – or something similar – return the newest item in a search?
Consider the example index (some_test) that contains the following documents:
“_index”: “some_test”,
“_type”: “mytype”,
“_id”: “1”,
“_source”: {
“name”: “Example”
“_index”: “some_test”,
“_type”: “mytype”,


Basically, when a user supplies a string, the corresponding CSS selector is
prepared, and then added to the selector list in the order in which it was
supplied. So in the above example, all black boxes would be selected.

CSS Selector Token Lists

Of the three syntaxes supported by the CSS Selectors level 1 syntax (General
Selectors, Universal Selectors, and Selectors in XPath expressions), the
former two create exact matches in the browser, whereas the latter matches
a certain type of HTML element. For further information about the differences
between the syntaxes, see the HTML Document Type Definitions.

In most browsers, all known selectors will match exactly to a DOM node if the
browser has the DOM Level 3 specification available. However, the
documentation for some CSS selectors makes mention of complicated searches to
further refine the match when the DOM Level 2 specification is available.

CSS3 GRID-CSS 1.1 specification defines a grid-line syntax that is particularly
useful for constructing CSS3. The syntax is as follows:


grid-line is a line that makes up the grid. The following example creates
three grid-lines: the first two are equal in width, and the third is
double the width of the first two.

#grid-line-1 { width: 5px; }
#grid-line-2 { width: 15px; }
#grid-line-3 { width: 30px; }

3-Dimensional Rotation

There are many instances where it might be more convenient to describe a rotation in three
dimensions instead of two. For example, it is common to rotate an image in Photoshop in order to change
its perspective, making it look like it is coming from a different angle. This is done through the use
of a 3-dimensional rotation transform. Here are the steps to this procedure:

Convert the image into a 3-dimensional format. This is done through the use of the CSS3 2D
transform property.

The CSS3 2D transform property allows a user to rotate the image 3-dimensionally. By
effectively rotating the image in X and Y dimensions, we can change its
perspective. In this example, we make the image rotate 90 degrees in