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Photoshop also offers a learning curve. Every image has its own learning curve, based on the complexity of the design and your preferences for the look you want. Understanding Photoshop’s commands A truly great program like Photoshop doesn’t simply present you with terms like `brush` and `soft` and `hard` and expect you to know what they mean. You need to know what such terms mean and understand how to use them. I can’t actually tell you which tools you need to use; those are decided for you when you use the tools. Here are some basic terms that you need to understand as you use and understand Photoshop: All Adobe documents include layers. A layer contains components such as color, type, transparency, and shading; you can manipulate layers in ways that paint on them or apply changes to them. The screen shot in Figure 2-3 shows the default document laid out. It contains the initial image on the front layer (numbered 1), with all of the selection and command tools I cover in Chapter 4 and the brush tool on the front. The background layer (numbered 2) contains a variety of tools and palettes. If you want, you can add more layers in which to work. Photoshop’s most basic tools and areas are found at the bottom of the window. You see the following main areas to work on a single image: The Layers panel (shown in Figure 2-3) enables you to do most of the work. You can work with the settings and settings settings on a single layer or on multiple layers, as shown in Figure 2-4. You can also apply new settings and alterations to an individual layer. Choosing the Background (usually a white or neutral gray field with a few objects or selections drawn over it) layer as the active layer makes the image visible on the screen at the same time you see changes made to it. Photoshop also features other panels, as shown in Figure 2-5, including • The Tools panel enables you to apply and modify tools. • The Windows panel enables you to modify settings. The Lightbox panel, shown in Figure 2-6, enables you to see the image in the background layer but enables you to see only a portion of the original. The Modify panel, shown in Figure 2-7, is a place for modifying the image with brush tools and the like. • The Palettes work area enables you to combine colors, gr

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Photoshop Elements also can be used for creating images, animations and videos. Photoshop Elements is well suited for creating graphics and images for a variety of media including websites, printed materials, presentations, blogs, and brochures. This book walks you through a wide range of tasks from drawing and painting, to photo retouching, vector editing and graphic design. You’ll learn to create an entire database, from the start to the end. Whether you are just learning the basics, want to use Photoshop for your job, or are already an experienced Photoshop user, you’ll learn how to create great graphics by using this app. What You’ll Learn Learn to use Photoshop Elements to create and edit high-quality images Create stunning images using the most advanced technology Edit images to make them look better and easier to use Get more creative and expressive with your photos, graphics and designs Create stunning images with different effects Use the handy Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom filters to get even more out of your images Laser print, digitize, and share your creations Easily design logos and more Review the full PSD file to learn how to recreate this design. No Photoshop experience is required. This book will help you create high-quality graphics, even for those with limited Photoshop experience. You’ll gain knowledge on: Using elements like Design, Brush, Gradient and Bitmap layers, and color palettes Using powerful editing tools like Magic Wand, Paths, Transform, and Adjustments Importing, rasterizing and converting documents Using Photoshop at home or with a client Learn the best workflow for all your projects and get more creative. You can add color and texture in the digital darkroom by using Photoshop Elements’ digital darkroom and learn the best workflow for all your projects. There are three things you can do to get the most out of your images using Photoshop Elements: Learn how to edit images in your digital darkroom Get advanced retouching using the artistic features Choose the right tools to create a high-quality print You’ll also learn the best workflow to edit your images, from selecting the right tools to create a high-quality print. This book will teach you to work through the digital darkroom steps to ensure that you have the best quality, and you’ll learn how to use different 05a79cecff

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The Rubber Stamp tool allows you to apply a preset or a custom graphic of your choice directly to the image. Some of the effects and tools in Photoshop are present in both the Adobe Bridge application (on the application’s menu) and Photoshop. We’ve listed a few of them for each. Adobe Bridge Bridge has plenty of pre-made tools and effects, including ones such as the Auto Levels tool, Color Curves and the Adjustment Panel. If your image does not have the right color cast, check the cast tool to adjust the image. Photoshop The Photoshop application has its own tools and effects, including the Pen tool, Screen Clipping, the Liquify filter, the Pathfinder tool, the Color Replacement tool and the Gradient tool. Creating Custom Brushes Creating customized brushes for Photoshop can be daunting because of the amount of information you have to consider. Photoshop has a large selection of brushes and brushes can have many different attributes. The most common brush attributes are: Shape – The brush shape. Custom brushes in Photoshop can have any shape or path that you want, from basic shapes to more complex ones. Size – The brush’s size, which is an accurate representation of the size of the brush stroke. It is measured in pixels. Angle – The direction of the brush stroke. Photoshop has many different angle options. Flow – The direction and speed of the brush stroke. There are many possible combinations of these attributes. Before you start drawing your custom brush, you should first consider: How many brush controls do you need? The normal approach to creating custom brushes is to start with the first brush control. In a typical brush, there are three controls: the Shape and Size. If you decide to add a fourth control, you will need to draw the control directly on the Photoshop canvas, because you can’t have a brush control that is not visible. You should keep in mind that Photoshop allows for you to have many different types of brushes and the total number will be limited only by your patience, skill and the size of your original brush. The Shape control determines the brush tip, which is usually a simple shape. You can use closed paths (made up of straight and curved lines), bezier curves and polygons (a set of several smaller, connected lines). You can use simple shapes, like squares, rectangles and triangles, or complex shapes, like hearts and polyhedrons

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Q: Android open app launch from notification I’m developing an application for Android 4.4 KitKat. I’m sending push notifications to my device and I’m wondering if there is a way to open another application from the notification itself. For example, if I’m on the camera app and I receive the notification from the camera, I want to open the camera app itself. I’ve tried creating an Intent to open the camera in the notification, but that just always opens the Android settings menu and I’m trying to avoid that. A: As @Murali01 has pointed out, the launcher.setTaskOnFirstUser is what we were looking for. This is what allows us to intercept the user to open a certain app. The documentation isn’t that clear but here’s what I gathered: You have to have the intent flag FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK public static final int FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK = 1

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Intel Core2 Quad 2.8GHz or better CPU 4 GB RAM 700 MB HDD 30 MB of free disk space Installation: Download the installation package. Install the game. After installing the game, launch it. Play! Our thanks go to all the testers who reported bugs, helped to improve the game and make it run better. If you notice anything that is broken or if you found a bug, let us know by sending a mail to kostya.simon@