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Mankind has tamed the surface of the planet. We have conquered the majority of land mass – the Outland. But there is still the mysterious Underworld and the Olympus’s, the life forms we could not explain.
Having found a way to navigate the land, we have opened the path for the possibility of outer space. We started to build skyports and space ports. The creature’s that we have been battling all these time have invaded our last refuge, the Olympus’s. All bases except one is under attack – the one in the sky…

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About The Game
Mankind has tamed the surface of the planet. We have conquered the majority of land mass – the Outland. But there is still the mysterious Underworld and the Olympus’s, the life forms we could not explain.
Having found a way to navigate the land, we have opened the path for the possibility of outer space. We started to build skyports and space ports. The creature’s that we have been battling all these time have invaded our last refuge, the Olympus’s. All bases except one is under attack – the one in the sky…

by xelvester

M.O.D.O.K (Mind Over Death Obvious Kill) is a four-player action game that pits up to four players against one another in a deathmatch game. M.O.D.O.K. has players battling online against other players to the death. You can choose from a wide variety of characters, some of which are physics based. The game can also be played via local network, if you have two computers connected.

M.O.D.O.K. is a unique game in a genre that has long since been established. Every character has different abilities that allow them to use unique attacks, projectiles, barrier, flying, or defense mechanisms.

Every character has a unique, physics based attack, and a unique ability that gives them an advantage in battle.

M.O.D.O.K. also has a unique matchmaking system that lets you battle players from multiple servers based on skill level.

This game is for Deathmatch.

The Game Features

Physics Based Destruction

Destroy all your opponents. Whether you’re defending or taking advantage of their defense, you can actually affect other players.

Online and Local Multiplayer


Features Key:

  • Japanese Language: You can can play the game in 10 languages which are Japanese, Chinese, French, English, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), French (Traditional), German, Russian & Russian (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine).
  • Japanese & English voices: You can hear two voices playing the game. You have the choice between a male voice and female voice.
  • Overscan: You can play the game on wide TV screen setting.
  • Gamepad Button: You can control many features of the game with the gamepad buttons.
  • AI Enabled: You can select the level of difficulty. The game automatically switch the button to easy mode if you difficulty select is low. You can select difficulty by opening game menu and selecting difficulty.
  • Gratuitous Hentai: My only complaint is that I wish I could put over 1000 in in my jeans and cast Spiderman webbing from my cock, thus making the girls of impregnate say “Hey you baby get it get it you fucking pig!”
  • Inside of the Dragon: You can play 9 mini games:
  • Rockman: Primeval Revenge: There 4 different types of sound chips. The Rockman Lowchip moves the cursor of the screen. The Rockman Highchip makes the music and sound effects. The Rockman Microchip makes the voice sounds and the Rockman Meteor Chip moves the cursor around. All these chips generate electricity that powers the dragon throughout the game.
  • Tiger-kun: The Happiest Ninja’s Revenge: There are 8 different kinds of sound chips here. From left to right: Turbografx 2, PS1, Famicom, Famicom (Super NES), PSC-1000, PS2. Here the mechanics of the game are similar to the “Power Stone”. The player controls an ex-fighter pilot named Jalal, who has to


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    Salto is made by LudicRails and is available on the Web or direct from the LudicRails Website (link in game).


    You mean, multiplayer? There is no multiplayer. It’s a single player game.

    Friday, December 5, 2013

    On this day almost 40 years ago, Daniel Ellsberg, gave The New York Times a 7,000-page classified report on the Vietnam War that he had written while working as a defense analyst for RAND Corporation. This historic leak brought the cover-up and lies of the Johnson Administration into the open. The leak of the “Pentagon Papers” prompted Washington to reveal two secret agreements: the Johnson Administration had secretly signed the “Paris Peace Accords” with the North Vietnamese on October 31, 1973; and another secret agreement was reached in the summer of 1972, wherein the Administration undertook to end the war if the North Vietnamese stopped their threats against the South.

    Senator Ted Kennedy had been calling for an end to the war since 1967 and in April 1968 he succeeded in getting the text of the secret agreement in which Johnson agreed to withdraw American forces from Vietnam. After the President announced his withdrawal on March 31, 1969 and ordered the troops to leave, Kennedy stated that if the secret agreement had been in effect during the last months of 1968, he would have been able to bring the negotiations to an end and the illegal war could have been ended then.

    The February, 1972, report Ellsberg delivered to the New York Times was entitled The Secret ‘Peace’ Deal, and was based on three hours of interviews in which he had sought to understand the thinking of the Vietnamese.

    The ‘peace’ deal began with the North Vietnamese on May 1, 1972, suspending all threats against South Vietnam. In this they failed. Ellsberg reported that the Nixon Administration refused to end the war until after the 1972 election. That is when Nixon told Haldeman to tell Henry Kissinger to “make a big show of wanting to end the war soon after the election – maybe as early as August.”

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    On July 30, Mitchell (President Nixon’s domestic affairs chief) asked Haldeman to call Ellsberg and warn him that he had better


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      enMatsurigami: Best Mobile Game of 2013.

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      Assemble a team of three players, each representing one of the four heroes in their own unique way, and you’re ready to step into Shoot Shoot Mega Pack, a fast-paced competitive party game where the goal is simple: kill your opponents.
      Begin by choosing a ruleset from a selection of four genres:
      Zoom, a fast-paced shooting game with a beautiful matching mechanic.
      Fade, a heavy puzzle game with dangerous black holes and the only visible opponent.
      Shoot, a strategy game where the players’ weapons become a battle of wits.
      Shootshoot, a twitch game where the players must navigate a map and tag their friends with icons.
      All four games have their own dedicated factions (SHOT, FADE, SHOOTSHOOT, SIDE). Choose a side and jump into your favorite mode in any order, then let the gun-toting demons and cheesy hostesses get to it.
      Enlist for a team of two, three, or four players. The more the merrier, right?
      – Four pre-made parties –
      Head into the pre-game lobby for a few minutes of micromanagement before the games start. Once in, players can pick rules, print-out gametags, and select a side. The huge number of configurations that each game can be played with makes it easy to find a setup for your friends.
      – Four dedicated games –
      Four unique games of the Shoot Shoot Mega Pack collection give you the choice of a variety of intense, exciting game modes while still retaining the games’ core mechanics. With each game, you’ll see everything from a beautiful zen garden to a terrifying black hole warzone! Each game’s maps are designed for two or three players, but parties of four or more can get way too competitive.
      – Fast-paced competitive local mutliplayer –
      Unleash your bullets and move into a game of Shoot Shoot Mega Pack. This fast-paced competitive party game puts players in their own matches, whatever they choose. The only limit is your imagination! Pick a game and enter the pre-game lobby. When you’re ready, challenge a friend or take your party to a local LAN and play from anywhere.
      – Customizable controls –
      Make the controls whatever you want with Shoot Shoot Mega Pack’s fully customizable controls. The game makes some assumptions about your controls, but you have the


      How To Crack:

      • First, you need to download the game via direct link from the link below.
      • It is a Windows PC only game title. So, you need to have Microsoft Windows Operating System to install and play the game.
      • When the download of the game is complete, start the setup using built-in setup creator or by downloading the setup.
      • Follow the steps given below to reach the Crack
      • When the “START” button is clicked or given a key for the execution of the game, the game starts.
      • The gaming experience starts from the scene when you need to find items, may it be a barricade or an object, that you need to carry it on your HUD.
      • The game provides a great experience. Hence, to get the best gaming experience, you need to allow your device to use all the functions.
      • At the time of the game execution, you need to allow your device to get an internet connection or else you won’t be able to enjoy the game.
      • Now, onwards we are going to enable the game’s service on your device.
      • Do execute the game and enjoy the zombie experience. Play the game and see your VR Horror Survival Zombie Battle experience
      • If you are having any issues, contact the game’s support team. They’ll be more than happy to help you.

      Get The Game

      • Download the game from the link given below
      • After the download is done, you need to install the game.
      • The game’s exe file, is an executable file. You need to install it and launch it to enjoy the game.


      System Requirements:

      OS: Windows 8.1/10 (64-bit versions only)
      Processor: Intel Core i3-2125 / AMD Phenom II X4 955
      Memory: 4GB RAM
      Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870
      DirectX: Version 11
      Network: Broadband Internet connection
      Storage: 200GB available space
      Additional Notes:
      To play Ubisoft’s upcoming release, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, users will need to download the game via


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