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FIFA’s attributes are now more engaging than ever before. They are enhanced by the introduction of a wider variety of on-field animations, like Goalkeeper Runs, Free Kicks, Chasing Defeats, and Matches-Winning Headers.

“FIFA is a cultural phenomenon around the world, and it is the deepest football simulation ever created,” said JC Baer, Head of FIFA, EA SPORTS. “HyperMotion technology brings on-field decisions and player actions in FIFA closer to reality. Our players will notice every subtle action, making gameplay more authentic and putting players on the edge of their seats. The bigger and more thrilling the action is, the better it feels to play and the deeper it plays into the fabric of the sport.”

Pitch changes, made both day and night, have been re-designed to be more fluid and responsive. Fields have been re-sized and improved to create a better flow for players, and includes a wider arc of players on the field at any given time.

New weather conditions also add depth and authenticity to gameplay, with weather conditions available for the first time in a FIFA title.

“With FIFA 21 being the most played and loved game on the market, we were able to help make this year’s FIFA even more immersive with our vision of future gameplay,” said David Rutter, Executive Producer, EA SPORTS. “Together we’ve worked to bring our players even closer to the pitch than ever before.”

Fifa 22 Product Key features a new Full Back System. Defenders can now run out of position to pressure the goalkeeper. Midfielders now make more recoveries to drive the game in the final third, and the midfield engines have been increased to enable more high speed attacks.

Deals of the Week is a new feature in FIFA 22 that highlights special offers, with a total value up to double to redeem FUT Points. It will be available to activate when EA SPORTS announces the first FIFA World Cup™.

Those not in the FIFA 22 beta will have access to the new “Groundbreaking Visuals.” This unique lighting technology was developed to take advantage of advances in graphics hardware and is a step forward in delivering next generation graphics that will be available to the entire FUT community. The lighting engine is built into FIFA, giving new hardware immediate benefits. The game’s use of


Features Key:

  • Live Your Dreams – Unveil new stars, change kits, and style your stadium: advanced players, kits, and even the price of tickets may be changed. Shape your own style of play with stadium development and game settings.
  • Player Traits – Personalise every level with skill and pace attributes you choose. Upgrade players by making tough managerial decisions.
  • Manager Traits – Manage your tactics like never before with improved management and coaching systems to throw the best tactics at your players and your rivals.
  • Team Building – Tired of always playing with the same players? Play an all new UCL mode where you select a team of players and take on your opponents’ squads.
  • Live Rivals – Play in a weekly online competition with rivals from around the world to rise through the rankings.
  • FIFA Vault – Want to pick up where you left off? Players who have already built up their Ultimate Team careers with FIFA Ultimate Team can access the latest content added to FIFA Ultimate Team since the game launched.
  • Stadium Design
  • Manage a club from the amateur divisions to the top flight right under your nose.


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In FIFA, you take on the role of the world’s best footballer. With each ball, each tackle, and each goal, you influence the course of history as you take on your opponent in the pursuit of glory.

Discover Your Inner Match-Fixing God

FIFA now features an engaging Creation Kit – the genesis of any match. Starting from scratch, learn the game’s rules, break the game open, and change the game with ultimate creative freedom to shape the entire balance of power on the pitch. Create matches the way you imagine.

Reign Supreme As The World’s Top Player

FIFA 22 continues to evolve the way you play – and the way you compete. Recognize your opponents across all game modes, see and avoid the best defenders, and master the game’s most strategic positions by taking the ball the way you want.

The World’s Top Transfer Market

In FIFA 22, you take on the world’s best. The global transfer market is open and the competition for the best players is tougher than ever. Leave it to the pros to build the perfect team.

FIFA’s Ultimate Team

FIFA’s Ultimate Team brings together the most passionate football community to create custom teams and compete globally for the opportunity to be named the world’s best. Whether you are looking to dominate your friends, or win big competitions, FIFA’s Ultimate Team is the platform for your fantasy football team. The real-life training of the game’s 32 Ultimate Team modes is built on your approach to gameplay. It’s what makes EA SPORTS FIFA fun.

As player, coach, and manager, your teams’ development depends on your decisions. For the first time ever in the history of FIFA, every decision is meaningful, with unpredictable consequences.

FIFA Ultimate Team

‘Play as your favorite players with your favorite players’. In FIFA, your decisions count. Every action matters. Every decision is a trade-off. And the game is not over until the final whistle blows. This is how it’s always been, always will be, always has been, and always will be.

FIFA’s massive and ever-growing ecosystem of more than 60 million players around the world has grown to more than 20 years of game-changing innovation. The game’s familiar gameplay and authenticity


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Kick-off once again in the new season with your favorite club in FIFA Ultimate Team. Choose your favorite team to build from over 1500 iconic players to create a dream team from any era. Then take your team to the pitch and play weekly matches to climb the FIFA Ultimate Team leaderboards. Fans can also use the MyClub feature to customize the way their clubs look and play.

eASL will be the largest virtual league in the world, with more than 450 million players, and over 75,000 teams. With FIFA 22, join thousands of players from the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, and more as they compete in 19 leagues, spanning all levels of the game, from amateur to pro. Stay connected with all the action as you follow your favorite club in the new eASL app. Manage your eASL profile, view player stats, and enjoy a fan-friendly experience at the eASL website. For more details on eASL and how to join the eASL community, please visit:

NEW MATCHMAKING: Swipe to new friends, create your own teams, join invites, or just dive into the latest matchmaking innovations

Revel in the power of the eASL season opener and take your custom Club Version of the FIFA eASL on the road with the FIFA eASL Collector’s Edition. The base price of the Club Version is $99.99, and available in both the USA and Canada. Add the Player Edition to your FIFA eASL collection and enjoy the benefits of being the first to experience the eASL Season Opener, Ultimate Team, and MyClub innovations. Includes the in-game Collector’s Edition.

NEW MODES: Play multiplayer using a variety of new modes, or share your favorite player’s achievements with your friends

RETURNING MODES: Play your favorite title in your favorite mode in FIFA 22

SUGGESTED REQUIREMENTS: Xbox One X Enhanced – For a more immersive experience, try playing in 4K Ultra HD.

System Requirements

Processor: 3.0 GHz, or equivalent AMD or Intel CPU

Memory: 8GB RAM

Storage: 55 GB available space

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 ( 8GB VRAM


What’s new: