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As with the story of housewives buying houses or a house plus lot (no pun intended), most people buy a computer with no thought of the contents. It can be a new PC or one they have purchased for years. If you are a software user and need to install newer versions of the application than are available on your installation disc, you will be lost with no one to assist you. This is one of the situations that cost most computer users huge amounts of money each year!

The software will be custom-made and is built to unlock the program. Users have to buy it from the developer, and the buyer has to pay again upon the release of the next version. If the developer of the software were a startup company or a small developer, they would have difficulty in finding computer programmers to have them reverse-engineer the code to provide a working cracked version. While the programmers are busy trying to reverse-engineer the software, the developer is also spending their time fixing bugs.