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Vibrational spectroscopy of the single Trp residue in hen egg-white lysozyme at pH 3.0: theoretical spectroscopy of tryptophan chi((2),(3),(2),(1)) and chi((3),(2),(1)) and identification of an experimental resonance in the low-frequency region.
The amide I’ and amide III’ band assignments of the single Trp residue in the hen egg-white lysozyme at pH 3.0 are investigated using high-resolution time-resolved resonance Raman spectroscopy. Their analyses suggest that the Trp-84 ring is in the equilibrium between the all-trans and the syn-gauche conformation, the C-S-C backbone torsion angle in the ground state around Trp-84 is about 45 degrees, and the average pucker of Trp-84 is C(2′) (gauche). The chi((3))s of Trp-84 is zero, which is an unusual case among Trp residues. The low-frequency components of the Trp-84 resonance Raman bands (0-900 cm(-)(1)) can be assigned to Trp-84, Val-83, Trp-97 and His-33, which are most likely involved in the main chain of the Trp-84 ring. The lowest-frequency peaks arise from the out-of-plane bending of the indole N-H bond, which is due to the coordinated dioxygen molecule (2250-2350 cm(-)(1)). The chi((2),(3),(2),(1)) and chi((3),(2),(1)) components of the Trp-84 resonance Raman bands are zero, which reveals that Trp-84 is the only Trp residue in the lysozyme molecule at pH 3.0.

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This is a very interesting read. The part where he explains the problem with
adding layering is a surprisingly underplayed side effect and I’m interested
in hearing more, especially if they accomplished this in a way that didn’t
pose a serious performance hit.

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A communication system includes the location of a wireless communication system for amplifying, by a communication repeater, a received signal sent by a wireless communication unit and the location of another wireless communication system for receiving a signal sent by a wireless communication unit via the communication repeater. The wireless communication system for amplifying the received signal, as well as the another wireless communication system, include one or more amplifiers, and their location is usually physically identical.
When increasing a location of the wireless communication system, a leakage of the signal sent by the wireless communication unit via the communication repeater to the another wireless communication system may occur, depending on a rate at which the amplifier operates in the wireless communication system located at the increased