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Hi I am trying to build a rar password recovery function in PHP and I am kind of stuck because the recovere password function in rar files are encrypted with rararc and after the files are encrypted with this function the rararc functions don’t seem to work.
I first tried to split and encrypt and decrypt the file from the beginning but it was too slow and there was no way I could extract the password.
I then tried to recover the password by decrypting the file in chunks of 4k and decrypting the chunks until a match was found but I had a case when it didn’t find anything at all.
The encryption is done with RARARC function and the decryption is done with RARFFC function.
Does anyone know what the RARARC function decrypts so I can make my script faster?


For other people who ever ran into this problem.
The encryption used is based on the non AES version of rararc.
So you can’t use AES in PHP to decrypt and recover password of a rar file.

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