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About the Game: Capture the initiative in the longest and most famous civil war battle of the United States, and guide the Union forces into the Capitol Building. Civil War fans and RTS aficionados need look no further for a total battlefield simulation. With a deep and brilliantly executed campaign strategy, combined with an intuitive set of real-time combat tactics, this game delivers a balanced mix of historical battles and challenging tactical warfare. Not only does it look gorgeous, the intelligent AI that plays its challenging turn-based strategy with a well defined sense of realism will keep you on your toes. Features: Take Command: 2nd Manassas is playable from both sides of the American Civil War. Consumables are the food or ammunition needed to keep your troops alive, as they are consumed during a battle. Players can unlock the full effects of these consumables, by purchasing new units, weapons or armour. The player can train new units to gain strengths, and use existing units to gain weaknesses, by buying them from cities, which are scattered across the map. Units are required for each mission, and must be gained beforehand. 30 scenarios, including the epic and historical battle of Second Manassas All new authentic Civil War color scheme Various settings for the battlefield, including a re-created Union Station with a working steam engine Flag-based voting system that allows you to choose from a range of individual and political stances, as well as allow the AI to follow your commands New missions for the player to devise an end-game strategy for The intelligent AI plays its own attack turns, and reacts to your orders Rated 4.0 by Anonymous The game lacks some of the features I’m looking for, but I’ll probably still play it. The game itself is solid, but you have to do a lot of footwork if you want to be informed as to what to do, or what areas to attack, and it’s often hard to gauge whether or not you’re in a defensive role or an offensive role. You can’t move your battlelog from battle to battle in the game, which would be better if you were to use a console. It also lacks, for example, the ability to choose to play as one of the sides, and I would’ve liked to see more skirmishes, but that can be a good thing for when you don’t want to lead a massive battle, but


Features Key:

  • Tokens
  • New creature types
  • Aquatic savages
  • TOTAL FANTASY is released on 22-09-2018

    This pack is a fix version of the second pack of Jans Stories. It’s about the evolution of man and deviates from the route of an immortality tale to go faster towards a scenario about the organic life of humans. The pack contains 32 tokens for the purpose of increasing the quality level of the previous pack.1. New creature types-> Carnivores, Aquatic creatures, Savages

    2. Creations of the creator of the first pack-> Barbarian Savage, Ape, White Lion, Bird

    What’s new:

    • The Aquatic creatures are tree savages, 3rd humanoid base creature type representing a new creature type with one of the following properties: Islander, ichthyoid, reptilian, amphibian
    • The Carnivores are rhinoceros and dhole.
    • New Savage nature. Rhinos, shrew, marsupial, bee, metal bee, etc.
    • New mnemonic &em; 7 dachshunds were realised. 
    • Avenues for sea life.
    • Lion and panther as other creatures
    • New Fantasy scene visual appearance effects.

    And much more!

    The token pack is sold for €2,096 (24,46 $ AU).

    Aquatic creatures and aquatic savages are the first products of the development of Fantasy Grounds 3.0.

    1. What’s new:

    • Added several tokens to the beast’s category (animal, less powerful than orcs)
    • World Atlas is new


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      DYNASTY WARRIORS: Xtreme Legends The DYNASTY WARRIORS: Xtreme Legends, an expansion of the DYNASTY WARRIORS: Empires, offers new strategic gameplay with an epic backdrop. With vastly improved AI, more robust tactics and greater map options, you are no longer at the mercy of AI strategy. Now, you can impose your own style of play on a dynamic map. There are over 30 new maps to play on and the number of new factions, units and battle options has been increased. One or more players with proper credentials can create a player account and receive a code for the DYNASTY WARRIORS: Xtreme Legends Expansion Pass. The Expansion Pass enables players to enjoy 5 additional downloadable contents: Pre-purchase now! The DYNASTY WARRIORS: Xtreme Legends Expansion Pass is available until January 11, 2014. Key Features The DYNASTY WARRIORS: Xtreme Legends offers: · Greater Map Options · More New Units · New Characters · New Game Mechanics · New Map Styles and Battle Fields BATTLE FIELDS Players can now customize each individual battle field. You can arrange the terrain to make your attacks particularly effective. Different types of terrain, such as hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys, shallow waters, and snow fields can be created on the battle field. The scenery changes depending on the event and battle conditions. Units Now you can customize your units. You can assign a set of unit abilities and characters to each unit that can make the tactical use of units even more varied. Customization can be applied to every unit that is a member of a unit family. Unit abilities and characters can be leveled up through experience points gained from battle victories. Unit abilities and characters will be unlocked upon the level-up. In addition, unit abilities and characters have been expanded to include a variety of previously unreleased content. New Characters The fighting force of each unit is comprised of two characters, a commander and a weapon sub-commander. The commander is responsible for unit tactics and vehicle use. The weapon sub-commander is responsible for the use of weapon systems and is a valuable asset in battle. We have added a wide variety of new characters. You can begin the DYNASTY WARRIORS: Xtreme Legends with 12 weapon sub-commander characters. c9d1549cdd


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      Find and rescue civilians to earn the maximum amount of points and unlock the secret of the game in the Daily Annihilation. Anno 1404 (Windows) or Annō Mūtāyō (Windows) is an action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Shanghai and published by Ubisoft for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows platforms. It is the fourteenth title of the Anno series and a spiritual successor to Anno 1120, both of which were released for the PC. The game was announced and scheduled for release during Ubisoft’s press conference at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The game was released on May 19, 2014 in the United States. More information about the game can be found at the game’s official site. A teaser trailer for the game was released on February 14, 2013. The game is only compatible with the Xbox One for the Kinect. Unlike in previous installments, where gameplay is centred around building items and buildings, with the Annō series gameplay has shifted to raiding underground lairs of monsters in order to collect various items and special gear. Your main focus is to loot monster lairs within a certain area to find items, upgrade gear and harvest, as well as collect various ammo (energy), food, equipment, trade items. The game also features a robust crafting system, where you can trade, upgrade and combine weapons and armor. and later add decals, charms, paintjobs, etc. During game play, your character will need to use various weapons and armor to defeat monsters, each with unique weaknesses and strengths. More emphasis was put on the use of armor and weapons, as well as their mechanics. ANNO 1404. Raid lairs to get items. Earn points, mission objectives, and Achievements to earn cash for upgrades. Upgrade weapons and armor by researching new recipes. Upgrade characters and items by looting monsters or via crafting. Collect ore, decals, charms, paintjobs, upgrades and more. Collect the right items to level up and unlock new game options. Earn and apply your designs to your creations by visiting the in-game item designer. CRAFT ANYTHING Build any weapon, armor, accessory or even a vehicle. Build anything and apply any decal, charm, paintjob, etc. Create your own masterpiece. IS IT A GAME? Yes, in every way. Are you adventure, strategy and RPG? Annō has it all. Can it be classified as


      What’s new: