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 Prime Numbers Portable, an outstanding calculator for prime numbers, is a lightweight and portable desktop application that offers all the functions you need to work with primes, such as checking, calculating and decomposing them.
 This quick and easy to use calculator can find all primes in a range, search for primes or search for the first prime in a given range. You can also use it to find the factors of a number.
 It works without installation, portable version requires no installation.
 Moreover, you can customize your taskbar with two taskbars, one for results and other for parameters.
 It works on all Windows version, from XP to Windows 10.
 You can work with numbers in several formats, such as integers, decimals or mixed.
 Prime Numbers Portable is a freeware application, although you can use an optional premium version that contains more features.

Apex Prime Plus PC Review
Apex Prime Plus is a freeware program that comes packed with many handy tools that make it the perfect choice for many users.
The desktop application is a simple program with fairly simple interface. It supports the Full number as well as fraction-rounded number type. It features very little restriction and minimum requirements.
The simple and direct interface makes it possible to access all the main features, quickly and easily.
The program includes the following:
 All the main features you would expect from a prime calculator.
 Simple interface to make things easy.
 Works with varied numbers types.
 Able to limit the result to the last 8 digits.
 Able to reorder the columns.
 Able to adjust the primary decimal and secondary fraction.
 Able to set multiple precision for decimals.
 Able to enter numbers up to one million.
 Able to check a number for primality.
 Able to skip the previous and next numbers.
 Able to perform several other operations, such as checking divisibility and sum of primes.
 No extra changes in the system, preserves the windows registry settings.
 Works on all systems, including Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and Linux.
 Able to save, view or download your results.
 Able to export your results as an

Prime Numbers Portable Crack

What is it? A portable application for finding and decomposing prime numbers.
Who should use it? Students, developers, designers, and other types of users.
What is new in this version? Initial release.
What can it do? Find all prime numbers in a given range, decompose them.
System Requirements: Windows XP/7/8/10/8.1/10.1/10.2/12/12.1/Vista,.NET Framework 4.0
Price: Free ($0)
Source: WinAppDisks

A handy lightweight calculator that has a bit of a peculiar interface. For example, when you multiply two numbers, you can type a shortcut through the keyboard (a plus sign followed by an operand) or run a previously defined shortcut directly (for example, 2 * 2 + 3).
Not only that, but the calculator gives its own unit conversions and can make your life much easier when working with the time, currency, or weight units.
Yet despite its degree of complexity and interface, you can also perform really basic operations, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and finding the lowest common denominator.
But it’s the shortcuts, custom calculation types, speed, and other features that make this calculator a fast favorite for day-to-day math.
Unit conversions
Although this calculator is aimed at a more general audience, you can also track its currency conversions. The calculator applies the following rules for making the conversions: 1 US dollar = 1.71 British pound, 1 Euro = 1.1 US dollar, and 1 Indian rupee = 0.3 US dollar.
Additionally, it’s possible to type the abbreviation for the local currency directly to calculate its value in another currency, and the unit conversions can be saved to the commonly used time, temperature, and weight units.
We noticed that the calculator supports up to six conversion units, so you don’t have to maintain the same units in every calculation.
The calculator supports keyboard shortcuts through the Auto-Sum button, which automatically adds up a series of numbers when you press Enter. You can also use the Tab key to set the layout type to quick mode and use a shortcut for specific calculation types (for example, to enter the frequency in cases of quantity units).
To simplify the process, you can define the fastest shortcuts possible, and the calculator applies them during the calculation process. Moreover, you can switch to a different shortcut type

Prime Numbers Portable Crack+

Searching and decomposing prime numbers of a specified range is just one of many things you can do with Prime Numbers. It’s a useful, and extremely simple, math utility that may save your time and energy.

Prime numbers are positive integers that cannot be divided by any of their numbers except one. If you need to find a prime number within a given range, Prime Numbers does that exactly. Unfortunately, this tool neither computes nor finds factorization of a given integer.

It’s equipped with minimal features and few options, all of which are easy to operate and understand.

It works without installation and is no hassle to utilize.

All you need to do is to type a number and click Next. The program will calculate and decompose the given range of numbers, saving them in a file format that you can use.


Since Prime Numbers Portable comes with no installers, you don’t have to download and install any file, which saves time and gives you a chance to try it instantly. As with most software projects nowadays, it should work with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions, and it’s possible to launch it directly from its archive with the help of an archiver utility or a built-in Windows Explorer shortcut.

If you know how to operate Windows programs, finding all prime numbers in a range shouldn’t pose a significant problem to you.

Another thing to note is that Prime Numbers Portable asks for user permission before calculating and decomposing the given numbers. It remembers the option you’ve chosen and opens it automatically next time.

How to use Prime Numbers Portable

After downloading and installing Prime Numbers Portable, the application runs in the background, so you won’t even realize its presence. You can start using it from any place on your computer, and just click on the executable to launch the program.

To find and decompose prime numbers, you need to enter a range, select an output option and the program will do the rest. Its interface is easy to follow and it provides direct access to all the features.

Keyboard shortcuts let you get things done in a snap. You can use them without opening any dialogs or clicking on any icons.

Options and features

Prime Numbers Portable comes with a small interface with a neatly organized structure that provides direct access to all main features.

You can find and decompose primes in any range by specifying a number range, saving the results to a

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Requires a DVD-ROM drive or an installed copy of Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Windows 10.
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0.0 from a4b from who I got a lot of ideas and feedback on the mod.
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