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Understanding Photoshop: The Basics

Photoshop organizes all of its features into five basic layers:



Layer Mask

Layer Styles



A layer is the building block of Photoshop’s image building system. In Photoshop, every image is made up of one or more layers.

The basic layers Photoshop uses to make an image are Image, Background (or Layer 1), and Layers (or Layer 2).

Here are the differences between them:


A file’s contents are the image. Your graphics and objects fill the canvas, and the canvas is the background.

To edit and color this area, use the Paint Bucket tool and selections. This is the magic that you use to create and edit the image.

Example of a canvas with image on the right and text underneath it on the left


Image (a canvas on your photo)

Background (or Layer 1) (the area where you color, crop, or erase the image)

Layer (for color, masking, and merging layers)

How to do this:

Click on Layer 1, click on the paint bucket, and select the area you want to paint.

Click on Layer 2, then use the canvas to paint.

Each layer has an opacity setting.

It is important to work with just one layer at a time in Photoshop—overlaying layers can cause the program to crash.

Layer Styles

Image (canvas)

Layer (photo layer)

Layer Mask (for masking)

How to do this:

Click on the Layer Styles icon (or Layer 1) and check each of the available menu items, such as Shadow and Drop Shadow.


Image (canvas)

Layer (photo layer)

Layer Mask (for masking)

How to do this:

This type of layer is created as an image from vector graphics. Adobe can import, transform, and export vector files.

Image Editing

This is the original image file, aka the raw image. This is the photo you took.

How to do this:

Use the Sharpening tool to remove any loss of detail from the image.

You can also use the Color Balance tool to get rid of harsh colors, and the Shadows/High

Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.5.1) Keygen Full Version Free Download (Final 2022)

A screenshot from the Mac version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 17.0.1.

For this article, I used the Windows version of Photoshop Elements 17.0.1. Here are some tips from my experience, what a lot of Photoshop Elements users tell me they wish they knew about the program.

1. Don’t give up on the program if you don’t want to spend time learning how to use it.

Once you get through the most basic of tasks, you will be amazed at how much you can do with the program. It has a very powerful toolbox of features and will allow you to do almost anything you can think of if you look for it.

2. Many actions and features are hidden.

There is plenty of information out there about all the powerful actions and Photoshop Elements features, so I’ll just mention a few you should look up to make the most of the program.

3. The main menu ‘Go to’s are not really ‘Go to’s.

Type ‘Go to’ into the search box, and a list of places to go to will appear. Once you’ve chosen the destination, you can then click on the ‘Go to’. In practice, ‘Go to’s are just ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’. For instance, to ‘Go to the current image’, I’d type ‘Next Image’ and click on it.

4. There are lots of keyboard shortcuts you can use.

There are many keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop Elements which will make you more efficient. I used the list I found in the help file to help me remember them.

5. There are many plugins you can use.

You can get plugins online, Adobe’s website, or in the program itself. Some plugins are free, and others are paid for. The free plugins contain a lot of useful features, so try and get the free ones.

6. Use the ‘Shadows’ and ‘Highlights’ tools in the ‘Adjustments’ menu.

You can add more depth to your images by using these tools. When you use these two tools, you must use the Colorize button in the ‘Shadows’ and ‘Highlights’ panels to get the best results

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Auto Healing brush is used to remove portions of damaged or corrupt images that are no longer wanted. An example is the image in the image shown in the previous image.
The Clone Stamp.

The Eraser tool can be used to erase unwanted portions of a photo. Click on the Eraser tool, which looks like an upside down “x” to start an erase operation.
Eraser tool.

The Spray tool allows you to evenly spread a color over a section of your photo.
Spray tool.

The Blur tool can be used to soften the edges of a photo.
Blur tool.

There are many more tools in Photoshop, including but not limited to the Paint Bucket tool, Shadows/Highlights tool, Spot Healing Brush tool, and Paint Bucket tool. Have a look at the following links for more information:

Using Photoshop Brushes

Using Tools on Photos
Using Auto Fixing


You’re looking for the “Photo Filter” option on the Edit menu. This is an option where you can apply anything Photoshop has got to use on an image, including:

Color Grading
Lighting effects
Filter effects
Any number of other things

The range of tools available to you is really just limited by the amount of content you will be able to process and the processor speed of your computer.


Photoshop has all kinds of filters and effects. This can be applied to videos. Go to Effect > Adjustment Layer > Layer > Effects > Adjustment Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Effects > Filters > Blur.
This will open up the Filter menu, make a new adjustment layer, and then automatically apply the blur filter. To set the blur amount, click on the slider and set the amount you want.
To make a backdrop for your video, download BlurDesign Photoshop plugin. It has some nice effects.

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What’s New In Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.5.1)?

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows 10 x64
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DirectX: Version 9.0
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Additional Notes: The game will work fine on lower end systems but may display issues. The game may not run if you do