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In Memory Train you must memorize the sequence of numbers that appear on screen. Game starts with small easy numbers, and each game you get more difficult ones. Simple Game Mechanics: – Each number you memorize gets a star to show your level of success. – Press each digit of the correct number and when the whole number is shown, click it to reveal that number again on the screen! How to win: – There are two buttons, one to activate the countdown and one to reset the game. – When the game ends, the total amount of stars you got are added up and shown to you. – Points are given out for each digit you manage to remember correctly! Keep on playing and improve your score!
Notes: – All the data you memorize will be stored in your “collectible” list. – You can press the button to open the list to see all the stored numbers again, and can then press them in order. – You can also click the button to clear the list and restart from zero stars. – Also, you can access the level score for an individual number, by clicking it. – If you want to remove the list of numbers from the game, you need to close the game completely and restart it.
What’s New:
– Now you can also share the progress of your Memory Train game with your Facebook friends. – You can now view your daily average in the activity screen, so you can check how you are doing. – Now you can also see which new numbers you memorized the most, and which digits you mostly remembered wrong. – You can now search for and browse games in a separate list, if you are not playing the game, for instance, to see if you like the game or the theme. – You can now favorite your progress and switch to another game you liked. – You can now receive notification from your in-game friend request. – You can now unlock special items, if you have a certain score for a number. – You can now remove your progress for individual numbers.
Improve your memory in this game. You can use your phone to share your progress or reset the game. Keep on training!
Thank you!


5 out of 5 stars


5 out of 5 stars


5 out of 5 stars



Fun and addictive

I really enjoyed this game even if it was a bit difficult at first, but I think now


Download ☆☆☆ DOWNLOAD

Download ☆☆☆ DOWNLOAD

Alchemania Features Key:

  • Explore a vast world!
  • Unique cat/dog interactions!
  • 12 visual puzzles!
  • Nine seasonal scenes!
  • Shake it up, shake it up!
  • Find solutions to the puzzle of the day!
  • Trailer:

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    Brief Description:

    Explore a vast world!
    Unique cat/dog interactions!
    12 visual puzzles!
    Nine seasonal scenes!
    Shake it up, shake it up!
    Find solutions to the puzzle of the day!

    Team Name:
    Puzzle Cat Dog Pack Team Leader:
    Cat Name:
    Dog Name:
    Names of Other Teammembers:

    New 3


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    The Original Game “Murasaki” is a role-playing game that tells of a group of high school students who are transported into a fantasy world. This world is populated by monsters and demons with the objective of stopping this invasion is to “save humanity”. The player controls the protagonist and the party members. As the protagonist that can move freely on the surface, he will travel through enemies, monsters, labyrinths and save the protagonist. In addition, you will encounter side quests, capture, and experience the hardships and pleasures of a new life. This original game started from the Type-0 game.
    The RPG genre has long been a hit in the Japanese gaming market. However, because of the difference in expectations with American RPGs and the Japanese RPG market, in the Japanese RPG industry, there was no way to achieve success with a unique design. Hence, only three years after launch, the Super Game Boy Advance (SGB) and the ds (DS), were sold out in Japan and the company KATATEMA decided to export the Type-0 game overseas.

    The Type-0 game was a great hit overseas. It was considered to be a “power RPG that would change the face of RPGs.” With the popularity of the “Murasaki” series, the Type-0 game was ported to the PC, PS2, and Xbox. With the popularity of the “Murasaki” series and a lot of fan accounts to “the volume of fans and popularity of the quality of the soundtracks and dances, the launch of the type-0 game in Europe and the US is expected in the near future.”




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    The Type-0 Music


    The soundtrack for the game “Murasaki” is the soundtrack composed by the artists who worked on the game. It’s the new music to the game, but isn’t going to confuse you as to why you’re playing this game. The music is very modern and aggressive sounding, but it’s good and fits in with the setting very well. The sound design is also one of the best aspects of the game, and most of the music is very immersive with some aspects of it pretty haunting. The soundtrack is very complex with many different sounds added for the different environments and during different events in the game. It’s a nice


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    – Hallways and rooms with different types of walls- The game uses a unique game engine that allows the randomization of colors and types of walls- Random color of the walls and the balls of different colors at each level- Different types of walls and balls that block the hallways- Doors and traps that require a solution by the balls- Levels with increasing difficulty and complexity- Play as many balls as you want and set your own goals- 3 modes available in the game: Easy, Medium and Hard- You can pause and play the game anytime you want- Save your progress anytime you want- You can change and experiment with settings anytime you want
    Included in the in-game:
    * Goals and achievements with screens
    * Difficulty modes: Easy, Medium and Hard
    * Music and sound effects
    – Different levels of complexity and difficulty
    – Different skins for balls and backgrounds
    – Different achievements
    – Different colors of balls and walls
    – High quality graphics
    – Simple controls
    * You can change settings as you want and you can pause and play anytime
    * You can view and add your own achievements
    * You can access the settings and the help from the game menu anytime you want
    * You can rate and comment the game at the Google Play and Apple Store anytime you want
    * You can direct message me any questions
    I love to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions, so don’t be shy!
    Here is a preview of the upcoming “Balls and Dungeons” comic:
    Please send me a twitter message and send a request
    Mail: (about 1 month)

    The group of five friends, who lives in a village, has been solving special puzzles for hundred years. The group is famous for solving various puzzles of all kinds. The fifth friend of the group, who is from the city, joined the group a few months ago and is very interesting to share all achievements that they made. Finally, that happened: today the 6th friend of the group joined the group: he is writing their diaries and he is helping them to write about their daily adventures. Read their stories and their adventures: you can buy the complete copy of the game in Google Play or Apple Store for only 1€ each. No upgrade fees, no monthly fees, no subscriptions.
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    What’s new in Alchemania:


    Cossack and Magician () was a subgenre of Polish gothic fiction, pioneered by the novelist Maria Konopnicka. The first part of the book appeared in 1848, and the second part, about a hundred years later in 1928. The book describes the vicissitudes of a Cossack family, beginning with Olga’s birth; it follows the development of her and her family from then to the end of their lives. The central character is a young female Cossack, known in the book only as Olga, the eponymous magic-worker’s name.

    In the first part, Olga’s father and grandfather become outlaws, while her mother is obsessively devoted to family. This influences Olga, making her a solitary person, and a sharp observer of social affairs. She recalls the past, out of her desire to break away from social convention and her love of natural phenomena. After she rejects a suitor who is too much of a gentleman, she becomes a follower of a peasant magician, known only as “the Magician”. Against all odds and her mother’s objection, she marries the Magician.


    The first part of the novel, written in the 1840s, describes Olga’s life, as she becomes a young woman, at a time of Russian wars and political unrest. She initially rebuffs attempts by the aristocracy to gain her favor, while remaining the close friend of a heroically minded nobleman who does not wish to mix with the rest of the aristocracy; he cares only for Olga, who is the only one who looks after him. She chafes under a life of limited choices and in her fantasies studies the public executions. Olga also yearns for a higher education, which her own parents will not allow for.

    When the government decides to eradicate the “Freemasons”, a dangerous organization of gentry, Olga changes her decision to enroll at university, and is eventually accepted by that institution to study law. She achieves that goal, but then discovers her scholarship will soon be taken away, in order to pay for the Crimean War.

    As war is looming in Russia, Olga is harassed by a young nobleman who appears to be her admirer. A man who comes to her door begging for help, confides that he is of Cossack extraction, and that his people are on the verge of an insurrection. His dying mother asks that her only surviving son be brought to a


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    Explore the Forgotten Realms as you play through a story that bridges the events of the Baldur’s Gate II and Baldur’s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast video games. The Enhanced Edition also adds 15 new tracks by Sam Hulick, bringing the game’s total score to 90 songs and featuring remastered vocals for the original score from Inon Zur, Howard Drossin, and Michael Hoenig.
    When the Greybeards call for help, they quickly uncover forces more sinister than anything they’ve faced yet. And though the players of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition have been living on the Surface Realms for a long while, they can’t stay there forever. An evil not from this world has risen, and the actions of a few simple adventurers could change the face of Faerûn forever.
    Key Features:

    All new, remastered music score
    Included new scenes and new art
    70+ hours of narration by none other than J.A. Micheline

    Version 1.1 (2014-06-27):
    1) Improved tracking on the Mac OS X port.
    2) Fixed a couple of track names where the length was reported in minutes and not seconds
    3) Fixed a typo in “Flesh of the Grave”

    Version 1.0 (2014-06-26):
    1) Please uninstall a previous version before installing this version

    Inon Zur & Michael Hoenig & Howard Drossin’s songs are included in the Full Game.. and Howard Drossin’s songs have a bonus epilogue.. but Sam Hulick’s songs are only included in the Full Game..

    I hope you guys like it

    On 8.04.2014 they released the second edition called “Dark Hero of the South”
    A game with a very interesting story which borrows ideas from Baldur’s Gate III…

    Risen or gods of the new age: Baldur’s Gate II is a turn-based party-based strategy role-playing game, based on a campaign first published by Interplay Entertainment in 1995. The Enhanced Edition includes an additional 15 completely new, atmospheric levels, with new, remastered art and music from Inon Zur, Howard Drossin and Michael Hoenig. Risen or gods of the new age: Baldur’s Gate II is a turn-based party-based strategy role-playing game, based on a campaign first published by Interplay Entertainment in 1995.


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