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The new version of Photoshop includes a “one-click fix” for older versions that features a new and improved Auto-Fix feature that fixes most of the common problems. For example, it’s used to fix damaged photos of people, animals, and all kinds of nondestructive changes to an image. It works quickly, creates a new layer mask, and applies the appropriate changes. You can access the automatic repair tool as a button in the toolbar or by pressing Ctrl+U/ +U.

* Figure 3-3 shows how the basic crop tool is used to select and edit a rectangular area.

Figure 3-1. A basic workflow for a Photoshop document.

* Figure 3-4 shows how color is created in a new document and how a color overlay is placed on an image.

You may find it useful to use Illustrator for the bulk of an image creation job and then save the file to Photoshop for the final touch. In that case, Illustrator is more geared toward shapes and graphic design than raw photo work, so you won’t find much in the way of tools in Photoshop specifically for photo editing.

Figure 3-2. A more detailed view of the workflow in Figure 3-1, showing the Save and Open dialog boxes and rulers.

Figure 3-3. The basic crop tool is used to select and edit a rectangular area.

Figure 3-4. Color is created in a new document and a color overlay is placed on an image.

## Version 6.0: New Features and Improvements

Adobe has released a big update to Photoshop Elements. Some of the new features and capabilities include:

* New Content-Aware Move tool.
* Improvements to the Scribble tool.
* The addition of more kinds of artistic brushes.
* New, improved exposure, curves, and gradient tools.
* Updates to the Adobe Camera Raw and Color Cast tools.
* Auto-Fix.
* New transformations, including the ability to rotate shapes and flip them horizontally or vertically.

Many of these new features are covered in the Photoshop CS6 for Photographers and Photo

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We’ve updated the list with the latest version Adobe Photoshop.

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File Type Supported The following file types are supported: JPEG

TIFF (8bit and 16bit)

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)


Exif (for RAW photos)





PDFs (usually not fully readable), Tagged PDFs (PDFs with extra info)


After Effects

3D Max


XMP Photo







CSD Photoshop Elements 2020 — The best Photoshop alternative for beginners and hobbyists. Get it here from the official website. Pricing: $79.99 + $29.99/per year.

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GO Photo Studio 2020 — Create images, change colors and improve photos. Get it here from the official website. Pricing: $69.99 to $79.99 + $12.99/per year.

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Pixlr Editor

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21 May 2013 08:42

David Lennon

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