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Note that the download directions for the Photoshop plug-ins require that you download the plug-ins to your hard drive first. Download them to your desktop, then move them to the Plug-ins folder in your Photoshop application.

Getting To Know Photoshop Elements

I firmly believe that Photoshop Elements is far easier to use than Photoshop. Photoshop Elements contains the same basic tools that Photoshop has, along with tools that work well for particular purposes and that are great for novice users. In fact, I strongly suggest you try both programs on your computer and choose the one that best suits your needs, because that way you can tell which one you like best and why.

Photoshop Elements also includes a brand-new purpose-built photo editor with editing features that are targeted toward beginners. Figure 15-1 shows this new editor and the many tools you can use to retouch and modify your digital photos.

Photoshop Elements is pretty easy to use. I provide a basic overview of the program’s basic features in this section and then lay out an instructional path through the Elements Photo Editor in the next section.

**Figure 15-1:** The Elements Photo Editor, along with some of the tools it includes, are designed to be used by new image editing enthusiasts.

Because the download for Adobe Photoshop Elements requires that you download it to your hard drive first, I direct you to the Instructions section in the PDF at `` for downloading the latest version of the Photoshop Elements plug-ins.

The Elements Photo Editor

The Photo Editor in Photoshop Elements is designed for beginners, and with good reason. Unlike the current stable of tools offered in Photoshop, those in the Photo Editor have been developed specifically to educate and, at the same time, enable users to create respectable images that look the way they’re supposed to look. With the addition of transparency masks, the Photo Editor is perfectly suited to the task of retouching photos. You can see an example of the Photo Editor in action in Figure 15-2.

**Figure 15-2:** The Photo Editor makes it easy to retouch photos.

Newer versions of Photoshop Elements include many updates to the Photo Editor. I use both the older and newer versions of the software. I find that the older versions use a few more selections, many more clicks, and a couple of way more steps than the newer versions. Photoshop Elements 10 has a lot of improvements to the Photo

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We’ll take a look at how to use Elements 12 to edit and sharpen the quality of existing photos or create new images to edit in any way you like.

This way you’ll be able to edit, print, and share any photo that you’ve taken or imported.

If you’re used to the complex and powerful Adobe Photoshop software, the new version might take a little getting used to but Elements is a lot of fun.

Steps to edit photos

Open any image with an option to edit Elements

Choose Tools > Enhance > Adjustments > Invert

The tool, which is used to turn the image negative, is located in the upper-right corner and works like this:

Click on the right mouse button

Drag the sliders up and down (or press the “-“ key)

Take a look at the photo before and after and see how much better it looks.

Check the preview at the left side and see how it turned the photo negative before using the Enhance tool.

The preview may seem weird at first but learning to use it will make you a better photographer.

For more help with the tool press the question mark button in the menu or select Help > Image and Type > Adjustments > Enhance and make sure that the Preview on left is on.

How to edit images

Open any image

Choose Tools > Enhance > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast

This tool is great for a quick overview of the colors in the image.

Click on the brightness/contrast button in the upper left corner.

Use the slider on the right to adjust the image color.

Apply any of the settings (Vivid, Natural, Standard, or Saturated) and see what you prefer.

The images will be a little on the light side but remember that in other adjustments later on you can change colors to Dark and Light.

Check the preview at the left side and see how the image looks before using the Brightness/Contrast tool.

To change colors to Dark or Light, press the + or – button in the menu.

For more help with the tool press the question mark button in the menu or select Help > Image and Type > Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast and make sure that the Preview on left is on.

How to sharpen

Open any image and choose a setting for sharp

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Official website of Ölüdeniz
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